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Абонентский ящик 60355, CY-8102
Пафос, Кипр,
Тел.: +357 2693 6111,
Факс: +357 2694 5125,
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Sustainability Policy

The basic principle and commitment of the management and staff of KISSOS HOTEL, is to provide its customers with high quality services and products that fully meet requirements and expectations and comply with the relevant laws and regulations. In this context, the management of the hotel ensures the safety and health of employees and customers the protection of the environment as well as the local community.


To achieve the above:


  • We have adopted Management System that complies with the standards ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 / ELOT 1801:2008 and European Regulation 1221/2009 (EMAS) which also improves on an ongoing basis
  • Satisfy the law relating to all activities of our hotel including quality issues, food security, health and safety at work and environmental management.
  • We continuously monitor our operations and continuously adopt measures ensuring the prevention of occupational incidents and illnesses in our hotel for our staff, our customers, as well as third parties.
  • Recognize and evaluate on an ongoing basis the environmental aspects and impacts resulting from the activities of our hotel with the ultimate objective and aim of preventing pollution and protecting the environment.
  • We must carefully consider and understand the specific requirements and needs of its customers and to adopt policies and procedures that fulfill them with certainty.
  • We provide fast, efficient and friendly service to our customers and partners.
  • Recognize, evaluate and control the risks associated with food safety.
  • We provide our customers with "the best value for their money", the best quality, safety and value in products and services for the money they pay.
  • We use the best available quality products, materials and external services according to quality levels of the hotel and the expected value of the customer.
  • We maintain the premises, facilities and equipment of the hotel according to the highest possible levels of maintenance, cleaning, disinfecting, comfort, functionality and efficiency.
  • Adopt and implement policies and procedures to systematically and effectively the highest levels of hygiene, safety and protection of the internal and external environment of the hotel.
  • Provide staff with our continued growth through education, protection and well-being in the workplace.
  • Develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with reliable, technologically advanced and quality conscious suppliers.
  • Monitor, measure and evaluate the critical parameters and processes, set targets in order to ensure constant quality improvement and review during yearly meetings.


Nathalie Kissonerghi
Quality Manager

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